“Building value through Excellence
in Talent Acquisition and HR Management.”

Founded in 2010, RecrutXL is a consulting firm, specialized in recruitment, talent acquisition and HR management. Our expertises include key aspects of talent acquisition and management, from strategic design to operational implementation.  We also offer interim HR Management services.

Our success is based on our commitment to participate to our clients’ business results.  We aim for the design of innovative solutions, in order to enable our clients to attract and retain talented employees within their organization.

Our mission consists in adding value to our clients by offering innovative tools, enabling them to make a difference and achieve excellence through talent acquisition and management.

Furthermore, we are proud of being a member of the CandE Community/Talent Board, an international network of seasoned HR professionnals,  which promotes the best practices in terms of talents acquisition and management.
The CandE is also a contest, which gives a price to the  companies which made a difference on that matter. Click on the image below in order to know more about the CandE.

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1188 avenue Union
Montreal (QC) H3B 0E5
Tel: 514-242-0197

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